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Grilla Grill Chimp

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I took the new Chimp with me on vacation camping well it was in a cabin with running water and electricity so it was “glamming” but still fun. For the four days we were there the Chimp was was our main cooking source for everything from a full 16 pound packer brisket to hotdogs and hamburgers. The Chimp is small but don’t let the size fool you it can hold a 16 pound full packer brisket with a couple of inches on either side to spare. The Chimp weighs 92 pounds I could get it in and out of the SUV by myself. Sandy from Just Piddlin BBQ did some research for his Chimp video and compared it to other tailgater type Pellet grills he said it out weighed the others and had a bigger hopper as well.
For the trip I brought 60 pounds of pellets overkill I know but I rather be safe than sorry even though I only used 25 pounds. I also bought a small one gallon shop vac incase the Chimp needed to be cleaned and I’m glad I did after a 12 hour brisket cook it needed to be cleaned.
When I was cooking on it the Chimp sparked Curiosity with other campers where they would come over and ask questions about it.

The Chimp is built like a tank I have seen both the Traeger Tailgater and the Green Mountain Grills Davey Crocket the metal is thicker on the Chimp than the Traeger Tailgater and Green Mountain Grills Davey Crocket and the build quality of the Chimp is better then both of the others.

With the Chimps small size it is perfect for RVers or people that don’t have room room for something the size of a bigger unit but still want a well built pellet grill that will hold up to the test of time.